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The new SKD house connection box - the best solution in every case

The new SKD house connection box from SCHURTER will impress you by its innovative ideas and an outstanding design. The redesign has been worked out and realized in cooperation with various utility companies as well as several electricians. It stands out through its overall package of new solutions.

The first thing that catches your eye is the new, fresh design and the much smaller mounting depth of only 2cm. On opening the cover, which has a square 8mm bolt with slot to secure the inside fittings, the innovative technical fittings of the SCHURTER SKD house connection box are immediately visible.

These innovations include the new snap-lock, transparent and sealable inner cover that can be removed without a tool. After the inner cover has been removed, the new terminal covers act as protection against accidental contact in both the 63A model and the variant with a twin Woertz terminal. The SKD house connection box is fitted with a 160A switching element to ensure a safe and reliable shutdown of the system. This also measures the voltage directly at the contacts. This is enabled by a hinged window mounted on the switching element.

The new and comfortable connection technology stands out by a prism bracket for safe connections from 6-95mm2 without any bracket conversion. The tried-and-trusted twin Woertz terminal for looping and the M8 connection for cable lugs round off the varied assortment.

All SKD house connection boxes from SCHURTER are equipped with the all-round neutral conductor isolating link. The neutral conductor isolating link is suitable for use in networks that are grounded according to the TN-C and TN-S patterns. This transition can be realized with little work. The M8 external connection to ground is already firmly fixed in place.

In order to satisfy today's market requirements, the SKD house connection box from SCHURTER has been prepared for use with optionally a 3-pin switching element or three 1-pin high-speed circuit breakers.

With the wide range of accessories available from SCHURTER, the SKD house connection box can deliver the best solution in every case.

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