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SCHURTER is launching its new CPS family of push button switches with capacitive touch sensor technology inside. The new switch family caters to the latest technology trend for robust momentary and latching push button switches while sporting an elegant modern look that makes them the perfect choice for use in applications wherever a high quality aesthetic appearance plays a role. In addition to an IK rating 09 and IP rating 67, the series offers a predefined standard range with many visual and functional options to choose from. These features allow the customer to adapt the push button, or the switch in general, to their individual electrical and mechanical requirements.

Multicolor configurations

Metal push button switch with capacitive sensor technology offers latching-action with optical feedback

The CPS series uses capacitive sensor technology, whereby a touch of the finger on the sensor area causes a change in the electrical field which in turn causes the switch to change its state; this occurs without any pressure on the actuator. The capacitive touch technology eliminates the need for any moving parts, hence making the CPS a long-life product capable of an unlimited number of actuations. The CPS actuator expands further on actuation options with a so-called finger guide, which is designed to enhance the user experience.

The CPS series is made of high-grade stainless steel in 16 mm, 19 mm and 22 mm diameter housings. The variable input supply voltage is 5 – 28 VDC. Switching voltage is max. 42 / 60 VAC / VDC. Switching current is max. 100 mA. Operating temperature range is -20°C - +60°C. A wide range of illumination options, starting with the selection of a ring illuminated or area illuminated version, are offered. The area illuminated version is made of scratch-resistant biocompatible ceramics. A single color, bicolor, or multicolor configuration is possible. Besides the basic colors red, green, and blue, the CPS also offers additive colors like cyan, magenta, yellow, and white for custom color variations.

The CPS can easily be customized to specific customer requirements by simply choosing from a list of options in the configurator list provided in the data sheet, or according to application specific requirements beyond what is shown. The unique switch series is suitable for many different applications in various industry sectors, like industrial automation, food service and processing equipment, lab equipment, door and access control panels, white goods, vending and ticketing machines, just to name a few.

Technical data

 • Switching function: momentary or latching

 • Supply voltage: 5 – 28 VDC (variable input voltage)

 • Switching voltage: max. 42 / 60 VAC / VDC

 • Switching current: max. 100 mA

 • Switching power: 1 W

 • Resistance when open: > 10 MΩ

 • Resistance when closed: < 20 Ω

 • Actuation force: none

 • K protection: IK09

 • IP protection: IP67

 • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C


 • Indoor applications

 • Industrial applications

 • White goods

 • Commercial kitchen equipment

 • Food industry

 • Lab equipment

 • Vendor and ticket machines

 • Elevator control panels

 • Medical equipment

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SCHURTER的产品与服务符合最高质量要求,因为SCHURTER应用了质量-环境-安全管理系统,如ISO 9001、ISO 14001、 ISO 45001、六西格玛方法和EFQM卓越模型。所有产品均实行国别测试标签,如德国电气工程师协会(VDE)、欧洲标准电器认证(ENEC)、UL、国家强制性产品认证(CCC)等。此外,由于集团各公司和分销商的国际合作网井然有序,客户可从卓越服务和交货期短中获益。

SCHURTER 产品目录是SCHURTER 整个产品系列的概述,是一本方便且简单的参考指南.

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