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Detailed Job Information


The SCHURTER Group employs more than 2'000 people worldwide. Each of these employees significantly contributes to corporate success and allows SCHURTER to be a leading innovator and manufacturer of electronic components and systems in the world. The employees have a variety of skills in the areas of sales and logistics, research and development, customized designs and measurements as well as the production.

As a dynamic, globally operating high-tech company SCHURTER is interested in well-trained specialists and also offers young people a good perspective for their professional future. For this reason, SCHURTER is committed to the sustainable training of young professionals.

  • Interview_Daniel_Stanimirovic_horizontal

    Logistiker/in EFZ

    With specialization "warehouse" are masters in the management of storage rooms

  • Interview_Jasmin_Meier_horizontal

    Polymechaniker/in EFZ

    Are our specialists for the manufacture of individual parts for assembly machines and injection molding machines, and punching tools

  • Interview_Noah_Stadelmann_horizontal

    Informatiker/in EFZ

    With a special focus on "system technology" are our specialists for computer infrastructure

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